Bath Time Bath Time Spa Bath A spa at home. Made with cocoa butter for skin softening. Vanilla Scented. $2.00 38158947 High Heel Soap A bar of soap $1.75 43575308 Paint yourself Clean A Pallet of soap. $4.00 43575310 Fortune Cookie Soap Vanilla Scented Soap shaped like a fortune cookie with a fortune inside, all in a frosted take out box $5.00 154662615 Face Cloth Cone 1 Face Cloth and 1 Bath Scrubbie in a cone bag. this bath treat looks like a ice cream treat but does not melt. $3.50 154662616 Spa Can In a keepsake Tin $10.00 154662617 Lollipop Soap Lollipop Soap a fun way to wash up $2.50 154662618 Flip Flop Soap Glycerin Soap $2.00 190187689 Bath Cone Bath Salts many scents to choose from vanilla, coconut lime, warm vanilla sugar,cukecumber melon, pink champange. all topped with a bath scrubbie $3.50 190187698 Bath Confetti Bath Confetti in a envelope. Large summer flowers that float on your bath water then disolve to create a skin softening treat $1.50 190188250 Tub Tea A mixture of herbs to soothe and comfort in a tea bag. this will not leave a mess in the tub. $2.50 190188683