Party Time Party Time Custom bubblegum Flower Pictured here is for a luau. Other themes available $2.00 204388682 Party Favour Lollipop, Candy Kabob 2 pixie sticks, Bubble gum flower. $5.00 200401515 Homemade pixie sticks 8 flavours strawberry cream, cotton candy, raspberry, , grape, orange, lemon, lime, Bubble Gum $.50 each Ingredients: sugar, powdered flavouring, citric acid 158454242 Gumball Flowers 8 gumballs on a 6" stick. with bow and tag. $ 1.50 158454243 party box take out box $1.00 Kandy Kabob $2.00 Pixie stick with tag $.75 Homemade marshmallows $2.00 203750584 Popcorn Sundea 3 popcorn balls in a sundea cup $3.50 203750630 Princess Goodie Bag All things princess with a wand. Candies and toys $5.00 193804638 A tote A little tote filled with 3 mini Hershey Bars in a cello bag with a bow $2.50 183612064 Chocolate Dipped Pretzels Chocolate dipped pretzels in a mini tote in a cello bag with a bow these can be themed as wedding or birthday, baby shower etc. $2.50 183612065 tote trio Little tote filled with treats for the tummy or bath. on the left.. is chocolate dipped pretzels with a baby theme middle.. is little Hershey bars right.. Soap with baby feet all are $2.50 each 183612066 Candy Cups Cups of fun Candy Treats 154664514 Music Note Music note lollipop $1.50 204508170 Candy Apples $5.00 203750657 Princess Can Princess Keepsake can filled with toys and treats $8.00 154664718 Car Candy Cup Race to the finish line, filled with candy treats $2.00 154664721 Pirate Cup Pirate Cup assorted themed toys and candies $5.00 204508173 Princess Can Princess Candy cup $2.00 Princess Toy and Treat Can $8.00 154664717 Princess Candy Cup Filled with candy fit for a princess and her friends. $2.00 154664719 Tutu Cup A candy cup with a tutu. A cup filled with candies, and a tutu hair elastic or tu tu can be used as a bracelet. $2.00 197140161 Cars Car's themed party cup. assorted candies and toys $5.00 204508171 Fairy Dust Powdered candy like pixie sticks $1.50 204508172